The Things We Hear

There is so much wisdom in the world. Much of my life has been spent tapping into wisdom wherever she presents herself.

I remember travelling to Mount Melleray in search of her. I recall a particular moment where she spoke to me. A group had formed among the various people staying there. They asked such mundane questions as “What brought you here?”, and “Why are you interested in a place like this?”. At once deeply personal questions but also unnecessary. We are here. Any attempt at answering why is a waste of breath and words.

So, I quickly left the group to their navel gazing and stomach filling. I sat outside next to a man they had previously been joking about. I vaguely recall one of the group making a quip alluding to his intelligence or lack there-off. In fact, I had noticed his indifference to the group and perhaps this masqueraded as a systemic ignorance. The fact is he clearly had the measure of these mouth-breathers.

As I left the house and sat down on the bench, my above-mentioned friend came around the corner and sat down next to me. He lit a cigarette and as we watched the sun fall over the grounds. He turned to me and said,

“Nature is God’s loudest prayer.”

That is why I came here. He had summed it up in one line. And it was through this man that wisdom spoke. I didn’t ask him a single question. I was simply present in his company and prepared myself to listen. Of course, what I heard satisfied every question I had up to that point.

The thing is with this spiritual trip is that there is a lot of people talking but not a lot of people saying much. So, listen carefully. Because the ones that are saying the things worth hearing aren’t in the crowds and they aren’t always the ones on the platforms. 

How will you know the difference? You’ll just have to listen for it, I guess.