About me

I am Gearóid O'Sullivan and I am a Yoga Teacher based in Cork City.

I teach a traditional form of Yoga known as Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is, among other things, a physical practice which aims to bring balance and stillness to the body and mind. Traditionally practiced, Hatha Yoga is a non-dynamic form of Yoga with a particular focus on alignment. Postures (Asanas) are held sufficiently long to allow understanding of the movements and the various details.

I studied Hatha Yoga in Mysore, a city in Southern India under the guidance of teachers following a traditional lineage. The school I studied in is called Atmavikasa Yoga Kutira. I trained in Yoga Therapy as well as fundamental Yoga Practice. As such, I have a keen awareness of the therapeutic application of Yoga Postures.

Prior to teaching Yoga,  I trained in accountancy and taxation. As such, I am well aware of the stresses and anxieties caused by the modern work environment and I have employed Yoga to great effect in my own life in this regard. Additionally, I have played a variety of sports, including rugby, football, and weightlifting, and, so, I am aware of how Yoga Practice can benefit the pains and aches picked up along the way.

I offer a practice which will be of lasting benefit and will give you the necessary skills to manage your health and wellness to an ever greater level.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantih