Yoga Weekends

"As a Yoga practitioner, what does a typical weekend look like?"

Yoga is a practice which seeks to bring unity and cohesion to a person's experience. I approach Yoga practice from a decidedly physical space. For me, working with the physical body shines a light on the depth and complexity in our mental and, dare I say, spiritual bodies.

Each morning there are at least 12 postures which I complete. It can take at least 1 hour. When I have the time, I can extend this practice to perhaps 30 or so postures, taking up to 3 hours to complete. Each posture is an opportunity to become aware of something in my body. What happens with time is a shift from noticing surface level sensations to deeper feelings within the body.

The shift occurs when one notices one's breath before one notices any discomfort in the body. It is likely that it will last only a moment. Yet, you will notice that discomfort dissolves and relaxation occurs. When this feeling of relaxation is experienced, the shift inward has begun.

So, a typical weekend involves practice. In the same way that a typical weekday involves practice. To what end are we practicing is a whole other question. For now, I can say that practicing ensures when there is something to experience, I am ready to experience it fully, and this makes all the difference.

And this is what a typical weekend becomes - simply another opportunity to be.